For Parents

When their daughter leaves home for either study or career in a distant city, it is always a terrible event for their parents. They are anxious, disturbed, and plagued by unending worries. What will become of her? Who will look after her? Where will she seek assistance in the event of an emergency? How would she be able to receive the kind of homey meals that she has been yearning for? What if she becomes ill? There are so many questions for which they are unable to obtain satisfactory answers.  

Their concerns are legitimate. The causes of their anxiousness are not irrational. They continue to read newspapers and watch television. As a result, they are even more concerned. Hostels may be found almost anywhere, but can they trust any of them? Is it possible for them to gain confidence and overcome their fears?
They can have faith in ‘Kulnar’ which provides answers to all of a parent’s concerns. They will discover the exact same environment that they provided for their daughter for so many years here. They will find not only wonderful meals and secure security, but also a wide range of amenities that will make their daughter forget about her home.

There is a professional crew on hand. They are extremely hospitable and considerate. They understand how to provide comfort and the correct setting, as well as how to suit your daughter’s demands. They will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide any assistance or counseling that your daughter may require. When it comes to providing lodging for our visitors, we are highly careful and selective. Only serious and career-minded women are allowed to stay in the hostel, ensuring that your daughter has like-minded housemates and the best of friends. As a result, parents can enjoy complete peace of mind and a restful night’s sleep after admitting their daughter to “Kulnar”.