Life in Kulnar

Somewhere between
“ I won’t share my room with anyone”

“all my roommates are really nice”
We all learnt to share our lives

They are not just rooms….
They have thousands of memories,
thousands of moments you will never
get back in your life again.
Packing bags, arranging clothes,  finding old stuffs back’
It wasn’t as easy as I thought
My memories overweighed my luggage
as I left my hostel’s room for the last time.
Hostel life is an emotion combined with many emotions. It is a great event that teaches about the realities of life. Hostel life is the best life which transforms life styles. A new life commences where one gets new companions. The little things of life which were once unnoticed are now cherished. As one day when you look back and realize those were the best things ever happened in life. Secrets, gossips, laughing and a bunch of happiness is the essence of Kulnar. Moments that are not just spent but actually lived and life is celebrated every moment. An assortment of dreams envisaged and confabulated together knowingly that one day everybody will be walking in their distinct paths.

“I’ll miss my family”, she said while leaving home
“I’ll miss my family”, she said as she walked out of the hostel for the last time